``I like Jim Schembri's work. He's funny, he knows that telling a good story is important, and he has a knowledge of and an affection for popular culture...All of this is evident in Murder in Aisle 9 ...this is a story with a satisfying twist in the ending. It doesn't overstay its welcome, and is quirky, fast moving and refreshingly unpretentious. It'd make a great TV play.''

- Michael Pryor, Viewpoint magazine, on books for young adults, Spring 2000 edition, (pages 46-7) 

``...this is page-turning stuff. If wildly inventive plots, full-throttle action and snappy dialogue are what it takes to keep kids interested in a book, Jim Schembri is definitely the man for the job.''

- Julia Stirling, Spectrum section, page 13, Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday, 28 October, 2000.

``Less on par with more morbid Young Adult works such as Nadia Wheatley's Vigil or Scott Monk's Raw, Schembri neatly skirts around the violence - intent more on a moral lesson of false accusation than a bloody climax. But never preachy, Murder in Aisle 9 delivers a realist genre piece without overstatement. Clear narrative drive stitched with tiny threads of foreshadowing makes for an engaging read.''

- Ben Zipper, Australian Book Review, September, 2000; Page 60.


``Welcome to Minute 16 is written with quite startling insight and addresses some interesting issues about loyalty and fame. Amira is a refreshingly flawed character -- self-absorbed, deceitful, manipulative and real. One of those people you almost love to hate.'' - Kate Sherington, The Courier Mail (5, December, 2000)

``Schembri, a feature writer for The Age, is right on the money with this knowing take on fame and celebrity. He achieves the nice trick by making the reader care about Amira. She's not a ditzy bubble-head with pretensions to be the next Kylie, she's a professional who knows how the business works. This is terrific entertainment that will delight media-savvy young teens.'' - Mike Shuttleworth, The Sunday Age (24, December, 2000)



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